Our Core Values | The Law Office of Blanca P Greenstein

Our Core Values

The attorneys at Greenstein & Associates are proud to be a part of your community and strive to provide a memorable experience to everyone who walks in our office, above and beyond providing superior legal services. As such, we have identified the following core values that define who we are as a law firm.

1. Family and community are #1. Despite our status as a mid-sized law firm, we take pride in being a family-friendly environment. This means that while we work hard, we also make sure to take time to with our families and participate in community activities. This creates a positive environment and a more personable experience for all of our clients.

2. Be extraordinarily responsive to our clients. Calling an attorney at Greenstein & Associates does not mean calling a voicemail. When you call Greenstein & Associates, we will make every effort to ensure you speak with a live person, and the majority of the time that person is one of our highly trained attorneys. If for some reason we can not answer the phone, we will return your call promptly. We are never too busy to talk to you.

3. Get to know everything about our client.  When you hire Greenstein & Associates, we will take the time to understand everything about your situation, your businesses, or your goals regarding the transaction and relationship. For small business owners, this may include visiting your business to learn about your processes and procedures so that we can tailor our legal solutions to your needs. For non-business clients, we will take the extra time to get to know you and your goals so that we can fully understand the issues you are facing and your outcome expectations.

4. It is the details that matter. We take the time to ensure we have learned everything we need to know about you and your issue before seeking a resolution. Once we have that information, we work together to confront your issue and ensure no small detail is forgotten.

5. Extensive Training. It is a goal of Greenstein & Associates to be one of the most thoroughly trained law firms in the country. As such, we place an emphasis on training our attorneys in all areas of law and on practical skills they can use to improve performance.

6. Advanced Technology. We understand technology is the future of law. We are constantly advancing our technology, and designing software that allows us to provide custom solutions and a higher level of service for our clients.

7. Respect and Kindness.  The practice of law often involves matters which cause contention or disagreement.  It is a commitment to G&A to treat everyone we encounter (employees, clients, opposing parties) with the highest level of respect and kindness and to dedicate our selves to treat everyone the way we would want to be treated.