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Laws of Life


Welcome to the Laws of Life Radio Show.  I am Blanca Greenstein, your host!

I, by no means claim to be an expert on the laws of life.  However, perhaps I can just be a tour guide and use my personal experiences and interview other people to navigate these experiences and utilize them as a GPS to help us all get to our desired destinations.  I also want this radio show to be a literal meeting point for all listeners to get together, motivate each other, inspire each other and find ways to support each other.  Maybe there is someone out there looking for a job?  Perhaps we can help them? It turns into a win-win if we can find a listener a position but also help a local business find someone that they didn’t even know was out there.  Let’s figure out the Laws of Life together and get motivated to succeed and work together!

How to Listen to the Show:  There are multiple ways to listen to the Laws of Life Radio Show.

(1)  Watch the Live Facebook Stream:  Send a Friend Request to Blanca Greenstein’s Personal Page called Blanca Irene Perper Greenstein.

(2) Watch a Recording of the Live Facebook Stream:  You can watch the recording on Blanca Greenstein’s Personal Page or on The Law Office of Blanca P Greenstein Facebook Page.

(3)  Go to  Click on “Laws of Life” and listen on your cell phone, computer or mobile device.

(4)  Skype:  You can also “friend” w4cy on Skype and this will give you the best audio.

How to Call Into the Show:  You can call into the show anytime you want and join the conversation as the show is being aired.

The number for the radio station w4cy is (561) 623-9429.

When you call in, the producer will advise Blanca Greenstein that a caller is on the line. Please do not say anything until Blanca calls on you to participate.

If you are interested in being a guest on the Radio Show:  Please kindly email Christina Ortado, Assistant Director of Business Development and Marketing at or call Christina at 561-222-2222.  Please let us know in your email the following pieces of information:  (1) Your full name and contact information, including cell number; (2) Your business or charity or purpose that you would like to showcase; and (3) The Laws of Life that you have learned and can share with us. Please feel free to let us know any other ideas or thoughts you have.  We are interested in having as many guests as possible and there is no charge to be a guest at this time.

The goal is for everyone to participate in the dialogue so please feel free to comment on Facebook as the Live Feed happens, call in or be a guest!  You can also always contact Blanca Greenstein at  or call her at the office to discuss how you can join in on this new networking conversation.