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Equine Law


The Law Office of Blanca P Greenstein has personal and professional legal experience in numerous types of issues involving horses.  Personal experience with the love of the horse is a fundamental foundation to properly engaging in and understanding equine issues.

Personal Experience: Blanca Greenstein, the Founding Partner of the Firm, is an avid equestrian advocate and “horse mom.”  Her daughter Leah has been actively competing at the Wellington Equestrian Festival, Tryon Equestrian Center, the Kentucky Horse Park and Lake Placid for the past four years.  As the owner of 3 horses (Lorenzo- Jumper, Quo Vadis-Jumper and Branson-Hunter), and other horses along the way, the art of the purchase and the sale is a legal skill the firm has extensive experience in handling.  Pictured is Leah Greenstein with her horse Lorenzo.

Professional Experience:  The Law Office of Blanca P Greenstein has an office location in the heart of Wellington, Florida, five minutes away from the Wellington Equestrian Festival.  Since the opening of the firm, Blanca Greenstein has handled dozens of matters involving the buying and selling of horses.  The firm is also experienced in the representation of Olympic athletes, polo players, and all equestrians, from amateurs to professionals.  The firm has also written several articles on equine issues and hosted several equestrian symposiums outlining important equine issues.  The scope of Services The Law Office of Blanca P Greenstein provides in the equestrian arena are as follows:

  • Contract Drafting & Review:  The fundamental terms of the contract, whether between buyer or seller, breeder and purchaser or a company and its vendors, is absolutely critical to protecting the client.  It is important to consider hiring legal counsel to review any legal contracts formed as they will be the basis of determining a client’s ability to prevail in the event of a potential legal dispute.
  • Purchasing: The Law Office of Blanca P Greenstein has thoroughly researched, analyzed and provided trainings on the statutory requirements of a Bill of Sale and all related legal obligations when selling or purchasing a horse.
  • Stall/Stable Lease:  The Law Office of Blanca P Greenstein has the ability to create the necessary lease agreements to ensure you are protected either as a farm owner or a boarder.
  • Equine Leases:  The leasing of a horse is critically important and The Law Office of Blanca P Greenstein has extensive experience in analyzing equine leases.  Once again, whether you are the leasor or the leasee, utilizing legal counsel can assist in ensuring that your legal interests are fully protected.