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Our attorneys and staff are proud to be a part of the local community. The Law Office of Blanca P Greenstein is able to provide superior legal services throughout the communities we call home. As a family friendly firm, we like to get to know our clients on a professional and personal level so that we can provide customized services designed to fit the exact needs of each and every client.

The Law Office of Blanca P Greenstein has extensive experience working with small and large businesses. Our firm offers assistance with business formation, the development of business processes, contract drafting, real estate transactions, tax preparation and planning, IRS audit defense, and equine litigation. Additionally, our firm offers representation to corporate clients engaged in complex commercial, financial, and transactional practices.

A new component of our firm’s customer service model will be our new Cafe menu.  When guests visit the firm, they will be offered a cafe menu and able to choose from a variety of snacks and beverages to make their visit to our office even more pleasant and enjoyable.  This is a reflection of our core value as we treat all visitors of our firm as family and with the highest level of hospitality and customer service.

Se habla Español.  Abogada fundadora Blanca Greenstein habla español y los empleados hablan español.  Visitinos a cualquier hora y disfrutemos un cafe con leche con Blanca.

Blanca Greenstein speaks highly proficient Spanish and numerous employees in our office also speak Spanish.

We look forward to having you as a guest in our office in the very near future.